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33.0 megapixel12 full-frame CMOS sensor 

Delivering excellent image quality in both stills and movies, the α7C II’s 33.0 megapixel 12 Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor marks a significant step-up from its predecessor. The enhanced AF performance and improved noise reduction are supported by an impressively wide 15-stop13 dynamic range. 

Advanced BIONZ XR™ engine 

The advanced BIONZ XR processing engine delivers up to eight times14 more processing power than its predecessor. It minimises processing latency while boosting movie and still image processing power, achieving natural gradations, realistic colour, low noise, superior image quality and fast menu response.

AI processing unit for advanced subject recognition

The α7C II is equipped with an AI processing unit that can handle significant amounts of data, enabling more accurate recognition of subjects and recognition of a wider range of subject types. 

Consistently accurate exposure and colour 

The new high-powered BIONZ XR processing engine works with an advanced AE algorithm to detect the skin area of faces and adjust exposure accordingly for both stills and movies. This achieves consistent exposure control even in challenging shooting conditions when the subject is backlit, in shadow, over-illuminated in direct sunlight, or not directly facing the camera. It also produces more natural human skin tones and sky and foliage colours. 

Realise your vision with Creative Look 

Set the visual mood with Creative Look, which offers 10 customisable presets so you can capture the world the way you want. The presets can be used as they are or eight parameters can be adjusted, including contrast, saturation, and shadows, allowing you to create instantaneously shareable stills and movies in-camera without the need for post-production editing. Customised Creative Look settings can be stored as Custom Look selections for later recall and use. 

Selectable RAW image sizes and quality 

Lossless RAW image compression provides efficient compression for smaller file sizes with no loss in image quality, enabling the camera to shoot up to 27 frames in continuous bursts. There are three lossless-compression image sizes to suit any application, and a Light image quality selection that generates less data is provided for JPEG and HEIF images. 

 S-Cinetone™ for a cinematic look

Utilising the same colour science from Sony’s highly regarded Cinema Line, S-Cinetone delivers natural mid-tones that are essential to healthy-looking skin tones, plus soft colours and gorgeous highlights. 

Advanced 10-bit 4:2:2 video encoding

In-camera 10-bit 4:2:2 recording is available when using Long GOP or All-Intra15 compression, making it easier to achieve smooth, natural gradations during editing and colour grading. 

Log recording with LUT previews 

The α7C II boasts an S-Log3 gamma curve that emphasises gradation characteristics from shadows to mid-grey (18% grey), achieving 14+ stops of latitude16. S-Gamut3 and S-Gamut3.Cine colour gamut settings are also provided. You can also apply a custom LUT (Look Up Table) to the camera’s monitor image while recording with a Log gamma curve, providing a preview of how the footage will look after processing. 

Full pixel readout without binning for 4K movies 

Thanks to its full pixel readout capabilities, the lightweight α7C II can record 4K movies with outstanding resolution and quality, delivering natural gradations and beautiful colour reproduction. The Super 35mm mode allows 4K  60p/50p1718 recording with smooth, natural-looking capture of fast-moving subjects.

Human pose estimation for more accurate subject recognition 

With its innovative AI processing unit, the α7C II can accurately recognise human movement. Human pose estimation technology recognises not just eyes, but also body and head positions with high precision, enabling it to lock onto and track a subject facing away from the camera or with their face partially obscured. 

Reliable recognition of a wider range of subjects 

The α7C II features a powerful AI processing unit, capable of human, animal, bird, insect, car/train and airplane19 recognition. Animal recognition now recognises the eyes of some grazing and small animals, in addition to the eyes and heads of dogs, cats and similarly featured animals. It can even recognise these animals when their eyes are obscured from view. The camera also comes with bird recognition, enabling it to pinpoint the eyes of a variety of bird types, as well as recognising birds’ heads and bodies.  

Tenacious Real-time Tracking20

The α7C II boasts greatly improved subject recognition, offering higher reliability in a wider range of shooting situations. Specify a subject and half-press the shutter button to prompt the camera to start tracking, leaving you free to concentrate on framing and composition. 

AI-based Auto Framing for movies21 

Using AI-based subject recognition technology, the Auto Framing feature automatically crops for optimum framing when shooting movies. Even when the camera is mounted on a tripod, the framing is continually adjusted so that the recorded footage looks like the subject was being followed by a camera operator. Accurate tracking is possible even when the camera is being operated remotely via the Creators’ App22 on a smartphone.

Breathing compensation for consistent angle of view when focusing23

With the breathing compensation function turned on, the α7C II employs Sony’s original Clear Image Zoom technology to suppress focus breathing, enabling professional-quality rack and refocussing. Breathing metadata can also be used with the advanced breathing compensation capabilities of the latest Catalyst Browse/Prepare Plugin software during post-production.

Active Mode24 image stabilisation supports handheld movie shooting

Handheld movie shooting got even smoother with the α7C II’s Active Mode24 that provides enhanced image stabilisation. A precision image stabilisation unit, advanced gyro sensors, and an optimised image stabilisation algorithm work together for exceedingly smooth, stable movie footage.  In addition to this in-body stabilisation, compatible lenses with their own built-in image stabilisation25 coordinate with the camera body for highly effective control, delivering more stable footage, even when shooting while walking. 

Advanced 5-axis and 7.0-step26 image stabilisation 

Handheld shooting for stills got even better, thanks to the α7C II’s high-precision image stabilisation unit, advanced gyro sensors, and optimised image stabilisation algorithms that effectively correct camera shake, achieving 7.0-step stabilisation26. Compatible lenses with built-in image stabilisation25 combine with improved synchronisation between the body and lens to provide even more stable framing.  [1] Yaw  [2] Roll  [3] Pitch

Wide-area, high-density AF offers speed and precision

The α7C II achieves notably improved AF performance through the immense processing speed and power of the BIONZ XR engine and updated algorithms. It uses up to 759 phase detection points27 in a high-density array that cover approximately 94% of the image area when shooting stills, enabling it to recognise your subject even when they only occupy a small area of the frame. 

Continuous still shooting at up to 10 fps28 with AF/AE tracking

The α7C II’s mechanical and electronic shutters allow continuous shooting at up to 10 fps, or up to 8 fps28 in live view mode, making it easier to capture the most photogenic moments and expressions, even with moving subjects.

Accurate AF in low EV -4.0 light 

Equipped with the latest AF algorithms, the α7C II achieves high AF precision down to light levels as low as EV -4.0 in AF-S mode (ISO 100 equivalent, F2.0 lens). It also includes a Focus Priority mode that provides more reliable AF in low light or when using smaller apertures. 

Metadata facilitates editing workflow

Metadata embedded in recorded footage can be used by Sony’s Catalyst Browse/Prepare/Prepare Plugin software, significantly speeding up post production, allowing for more accurate correction during editing, and providing a more efficient workflow. Shot marks can be easily added to clips during or after recording to mark favourite takes or scenes, allowing you to quickly locate them during playback in the camera or editing with compatible software. 

2.36 million-dot (approx.) XGA OLED electronic viewfinder

A 2.36 million-dot (approx.) XGA OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.70x magnification delivers high resolution and contrast for clear viewing, even in bright sunlight. The finder frame rate can be set to [High] (120 fps), twice the normal frame rate, for a smooth viewfinder image with minimum display motion blur when tracking and shooting moving subjects. 

Controls designed for smooth, efficient shooting 

The α7C II features a new Still/Movie/S&Q dial, allowing fast, independent selection. It’s conveniently located next to the mode dial, which can then be used to easily select the exposure mode and other key settings for each shooting mode. 

Intuitive touch control menus 

Simply swipe in from the left or right edge of the shooting display to reveal touch icons that allow quick changes to the shooting mode and more. The function (Fn) menu can be displayed by swiping up on the monitor. Assign frequently used still and movie parameters to the function menu to access them with a simple swipe. Long-press an icon on the display to jump to the related custom setup settings.

Vari-angle monitor enhances shooting flexibility 

A side-opening vari-angle monitor provides excellent positioning and framing freedom for handheld and gimbal-mounted shooting. It offers a huge advantage when shooting in challenging professional environments, where very low ground-level or other shots may be required. The large 3.0 type touch-panel monitor also incorporates 1.03 million-dot (approx.) resolution with a 3:2 aspect ratio, providing ample brightness for clear and easy viewing in bright outdoor settings. 

Durable magnesium alloy chassis 

Built for reliability in professional working environments, the α7C II is protected by a lightweight, high-rigidity magnesium alloy used for the top cover, front cover, internal frame, and rear cover.

Dust and moisture resistant design29 

The α7C II is well sealed at critical buttons and dials, and interlocking body seams add double protection, providing excellent resistance to dust and moisture in challenging outdoor conditions.29 

Image sensor anti-dust system 

The camera is equipped with an anti-dust system through a charge protection coating on its optical filter and an image sensor shift mechanism. There’s also a Shutter When Power Off function that closes the shutter when the camera’s power is turned off, protecting the image sensor from dust and particles while changing lenses.

Stable smartphone connectivity 

Connection stability when transferring images from the camera to the Creators’ App mobile application22 on a smartphone has been greatly improved. Transfers continue in the background even if the smartphone display sleeps or a different app is launched.30 Workflow from shooting to sharing has been notably improved overall.

Stream top-quality live content 

Connected to a personal computer or smartphone31 via USB, the α7C II can function as a 4K (2160p) webcam. Large-aperture lenses, narrow depth of field, and bokeh can be used to create striking images, and advanced AF functions such as Eye AF support online meetings and live streaming events.

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