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Curble Chair Correct Posture Wider



Curble Chair (Red )
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  • Optimum angle to raise your waist upright

    Curble Chair’s bottom surface is raised up by 35 degrees, (Curble Wider) making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. At this moment, Curble Chair’s support pushes your waist naturally to make a correct posture.

  • Sitting

    When sitting on Curble, the support’s leverage effect pushes the T-spine naturally to make a correct posture. Sitting in a correct posture reduces the posture on the spine and joint by up to 30%.

  • Coccyx lifted & Supporting waist

    Your coccyx is lifted naturally to disperse the pressure on the spine and correct the core muscles on your body.

Cocoyx lifting, High elastic support, Leverage effect, Air hallway system
1. Sitting, 2. Coccyx lifted, 3. Supportong waist
  • Dispersed spinal pressure

    Curble Chair naturally brings in your hip together to disperse the pressure concentrated on your back to allow you to sit comfortably for longer. The curved seat holds the pelvis together and keeps your spine upright.

Dispersion of Waist Pressure

How Curble Chair Works,
the Leverage Effect.

Curble chair working principal LEVERAGE EFFECT 1
Curble chair working principal LEVERAGE EFFECT 2
Curble chair working principal LEVERAGE EFFECT 3

Spherical bottom

The spherical design of Curble Chair’s seat naturally lifts up the lumber by creates a leverage effect. The weight of the user placed on the seat works as a force that makes the backrest come forward and support the user’s lumbar.

※ Proper angle of the chair when sitting: 90 degrees

Spherical bottom design 1
Spherical bottom design 2
Spherical bottom design 3

Good posture of

Proper posture is one that doesn’t strain the spine. The gravity’s pull on the spine should be evenly distributed across the body by straightening the body, opening up the chest and slightly tucking in the chin so that the spine from our neck to back is aligned.

A central line of gravity, Earlobe, Middle of shoulder, Coxa

Proper posture is having your ears, shoulders and pelvis in line while the spine maintain a natural S-shaped curve.

Air Hallway System

Air Hallway system and fabric pattern makes body heat and sweat circulate smoothly to stay cool for a long time.

Testing period 30minutees Curble wider 29.1

Features by parts

Dual structure fabric - Dual structure fabric to hold your waist, Highly elastic support - Supporting your waist correctly with strong restoring force, Air Hallway - Heat releasing hallway to stay cool.
Grip for easy carry, Sophisticated body design - Sophisticated structure design along your waist line, Highly density comfortable cushion - High elastic Poly Urethane form with Poly Ester fabric, Curved bottom surface - Stimulating core muscles for pelvic training.