General 1.5 Ton Split Type Air-Conditioner





The General ASGA18FMTA 1.5 Ton with a 2 Star energy rating, the Split cooling conditioner has the capacity to cool the home quickly while ensuring uniform temperature control across the room. It offers superb cooling in accordance to your body and room temperature.


1.5 Ton. It works on a hyper tropical rotary compressor with 2.5 EER


The white General ASGA18FMTA has a large remote display design which gives a superb look in your bed area or lounge. The model general ASGA18FMTA consists of auto shut flaps. The dimension of the AC is 998 X 238 X 320 mm. Its net weight is 13kg.

Air Filters:

The air conditioner consists of Conada airflow technology. The air-conditioner has a 15M of Air flow with a piping length of 20 M. For achieving multi air flow, large independently driven power diffuser is installed in the AC.


It has an automatic airflow adjustment control. It also consists of an auto change over control systems and modes that will help you to provide extraordinary living of standard.

Speed of Cooling:

The power rating is 1830W and the rated cooling capacity is 5400 Watts along with rated current cooling of 8.2 A. The performance related to heat exchange is improved substantially with the help of a thin high-density heat exchanger and multipath technology.

Sleep Mode and Timer:

It has an economy mode. It also works on 24 Hour ON and OFF Real time program timer which gives you a noise proof sleep.

Noise Level:

The indoor noise level of the A.C is 35db.

Any Other Specs:

It also consists of various advance features like Auto Changeover, Automatic Air Flow Adjustment, Auto Shut Flaps, Economy Mode, Conada Airflow Technology, Hyper Tropical Rotary Compressor, Sleep timer, Powerful Mode, Wireless Remote Controller and Program Timer.

Energy Rating:

The model General ASGA18FMTA AC has the BEE rating of 2 Stars.

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