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Kelvinator KMW-20DBM 20 Liter Oven.



BDT 12,00017900


The Kelvinator KMW-20DBM 20 Liter Oven is a small-sized and compact oven. The oven is perfect for small kitchens. You can use this Kelvinator microwave oven as a secondary option for your cooking place. If you have to cook food for a single person or a small number of people, this Kelvinator electric oven is what you should choose.(View Kelvinator KMW-20DBM 20 Liter Oven price at the top of the page).

Perfect for Small Kitchen

Since this Kelvinator electric oven has a 20-liter capacity, it’s ideal for cooking small meals and additional foods.

Multiple Cooking Functions

The oven has several cooking functions. They are – baking, grilling, etc.

Child Safety Lock 

The Kelvinator KMW-20DBM 20 oven has a child safety lock. So, the children and kids can’t get access to it.

Express Cooking

Due to the presence of the express cooking feature, you can cook food in this oven much faster and more efficiently.

Adjustable Temperature Control

This oven has an adjustable temperature control. With this feature, you can easily set the cooking temperature according to your needs.

Auto Shut-off

The Kelvinator KMW-20DBM 20 microwave oven is equipped with an auto shut-off feature. It provides extra safety and  security.

Compact Size

The compact size of the oven makes it convenient to store in the kitchen. It doesn’t require much space. Further, It can be easily transported anywhere.


Q – Is Kelvinator KMW-20DBM 20 Liter Oven a good oven?
Kelvinator microwaves are one of the top-notch and highest-rated options. Many experts even give their opinion that this is the best electric oven brand in Bangladesh. Kelvinator KMW-20DBM is another superior product from this brand.

Q – Can I use the Kelvinator KMW-20DBM for baking?
Yes, you can use it for baking. It is one of the best electric oven for baking in Bangladesh.