Rangs 65-Inch Google Certified TV | Frameless 4K UHD Smart TV



BDT 79,900


​Discover the cinematic grandeur of the Rangs RG65ZX, a 65-inch Frameless masterpiece redefining home entertainment.

Mesmerizing Display

Immerse yourself in a visual spectacle with the 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160 pixels) on the expansive Direct LED screen, delivering lifelike clarity and vibrant colors in the immersive 16:09 aspect ratio. As a Google Certified TV, it seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with the reliability of the Official Android 11.0 system and the intuitive Google TV UI.

Well-Balanced Sound

Experience audio excellence with the dynamic 10W x 2 speaker system, featuring Dolby Digital technology for a captivating auditory journey. Whether you're indulging in movies, gaming, or music, the RG65ZX ensures a rich and immersive sound experience that complements its stunning visuals.

Apps and Content

With a spacious 16GB internal storage, this TV transforms into a comprehensive entertainment hub, accessible through the Google Play Store. The Google Chromecast feature enables seamless connectivity with your smartphone, providing an integrated viewing experience.


Stay effortlessly connected with versatile options including HDMI-ARC, USB, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet (LAN). The Google Play Store becomes your gateway to a multitude of possibilities, making this TV not just a device but a portal to endless entertainment.

Voice Control

​Navigate through features effortlessly with the included Voice Remote, adding a touch of convenience to your viewing experience.

Google TV UI

With this Google TV, your home entertainment experience is transformed into a personalized journey. The Google UI employs advanced algorithms to curate content recommendations based on your viewing habits, preferences, and trending topics. This ensures that every moment spent in front of the RG65ZX is filled with content tailored specifically for you. The Rangs RG65ZX is not just a TV; it's a Google Official TV that brings the power of Google and Android TV into the heart of your home.

*Google TV: Google TV is the new, personalized experience that comes built-in to smart TVs and streaming devices from top brands. Google TV is powered by an underlying operating system called Android TV OS. Some smart TVs and streaming devices are powered by Android TV OS but do not have the Google TV interface. These devices are referred to as Android TV devices. Google TV and related logos are trademarks of Google LLC.

Subscription(s), fees, and credit card information by the user may be required to access certain content platforms.

RG65ZX Rangs Google Certified TV is equipped with the official Android operating system as per license agreement no. 959560.

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