Sony XB100 Portable Wireless Speaker



BDT 8,900


Sound quality

Listen loud and clear from a compact speaker

Music is the soundtrack to our lives, and we want you to be able to enjoy your tunes wherever you are. So we've packed powerful, clear sound into a portable body. If you love good music and listening with friends, the XB100 is your perfect partner.
Image of two people lying against each other on a picnic blanket and listening to a black SRS-XB100 speaker in a garden
Image of two people smiling whilst sitting on a sofa with an orange SRS-XB100 speaker on the coffee table in front of them

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Passive radiator for powerful sound

A passive radiator works together with a full-range speaker to enhance low-end tones, giving bass a boost.
Image of the passive radiator and full-range speaker from the inside of the SRS-XB100 wireless speaker

Keep it clear with the off-centre diaphragm

The off-centre design and optimised weight balance enhance clarity, providing clear sound even at high volumes.
Image comparing the off-centre diaphragm to a regular design. The off-centre design is egg-shaped and the centre is lower
A = Conventional diaphragm
B = Off-centre diaphragm
A = Conventional diaphragm
B = Off-centre diaphragm

Send the sound around with the Sound Diffusion Processor

Don't be fooled by its compact shape, this little speaker packs impressive surround sound. The Sound Diffusion Processor expands sound in any space, with its DSP technology.

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