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​The Sony 50 Inch KD-50X75K is a high-end 4K television from this giant electronics company. With a 50-inch LED screen, this TV offers a display resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It ensures high-quality images with eye-catching colors, sharp details, and superior contrasts. This Smart Sony TV runs on Android OS and features Sony’s X1 4K HDR processor. It provides fantastic picture quality and greatly enhances the viewing experience. The TV supports HDR10 and HLG formats, effectively delivering eye-popping colors and contrasts. On the other hand, the TRILUMINOS display technology offers a broader color gamut, making images appear more realistic. All in all, the Sony 50 Inch KD-50X75K is a well-rounded television with fascinating picture and sound quality. It is capable of providing a high-quality TV viewing experience to its viewers. This Sony Smart TV price in Bangladesh is (View price at the top of the page).

4K HDR Processor

​The TV features Sony’s X1 4K HDR processor. It provides top-notch picture quality. This Android TV Sony also uses highly sophisticated algorithms to cut down noise and boost detail.

​Clear Phase Technology

Clear Phase Technology analyses and make up for inaccuracies in speaker response by “trialing” speaker frequencies with maximum precision. This information is vital to remove any dips in the speaker’s natural responses to provide original, smooth, and sophisticated reproduction of all frequencies.

Voice Search

Sony 50 inch 4K Ultra HD TV comes with built-in Google Assistant. You can control the TV with your voice commands through this feature.

X Protection PRO

​Sony Televisions are made of X Protection PRO technology. This technology can save your expensive TV from dust, residues, lightning strikes, power surge, etc.

Smart Remote

This TV comes with a smart remote. As a result, viewers can navigate and easily access their favorite content.


Q - What is the resolution of the Sony KD-50X75K?
A -The Sony KD-50X75K has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is usually referred to as 4K Ultra HD.

Q - What ports are available on the Sony KD-50X75K?
A - The Sony KD-50X75K contains 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Composite Video Input, 1 Digital Audio Output (Optical), and 1 headphone jack.

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